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Magnificent Somno in mahogany and mahogany veneer from the "Return from Egypt" Empire-Consulat period attributed to Jacob Frères, fully restored with French polish finish.
Rich ornamentation of finely chiseled gilt bronzes on both sides. On one side, two heads of Egyptian women wearing nemes are enthroned on spindle-shaped sheaths framing the door, symbolizing the guardians of the entrance to the temple. On the other, a laurel wreath whose ends frame a circled flower, the whole dominated by the capital letters SOMNO.

Tray with light basin in original black granite, bevelled edges in inverted pyramid.
Opening by a small rotating handle in gilded bronze chiselled with a circled flower and two palmettes.

Literally in Latin "for sleep", the Somno is a new piece of furniture at the very beginning of the 19th century. Designed for the bedroom and designating a particular form of bedside table. All sides, still resting on a base, its shape close to the pedestal derives from the ancient altar.
Coming from the archaeological current dear to the painter David and largely developed by the ornamentalists Percier and Fontaine, this model by Somno owes its production to the Jacob brothers. An identical model was delivered by the Jacob brothers for the wardrobe of the Emperor's small apartments in Fontainebleau. Another for the Duc d'Aumale at the Château d'Enghien.

Superb state of preservation, restored with a French polish.

Empire-Consulate period 1800-1805

Attributed to Jacob Frères Rue Meslée.


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Empire-Consulat period: Somno in mahogany, "Return from Egypt".


    Height: 31,9 inches
    Basement: 15,9 inches / 14,7 inches
    Marble: 15,9 inches / 15,9 inches


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