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Pair of large Athenian candelabra, in gilded and finely chiseled bronze, from the Louis XVI period. 

All the attraction of these candelabra is developed in their base in the form of an Athenian tripod, each termination of which is in goat's hock and the beginning of which is a siren in sheath. Three in number, these triton women hold the cassolette decorated with a garland of oak leaves around its entire periphery and topped with a removable lid decorated with a pine cone.

This accommodates the three arms of light simulating hunting horns, the ends of which each support a finely chiseled bobèche of long sheets of water.


This very beautiful model of Athenian candelabras is similar to the work of the bronzers Pierre Gouthière or Pierre-Philippe Thomire.


Several copies of similar design in the reference book vergoldete bronzen, from page 264 to 271. 


Very good state of preservation.
Original mercury gilding, uncleaned.

End of the Louis XVI period, around 1780-1790.


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Louis XVI period, Rare pair of Athenian candelabra.


    Height: 40cm

    Width: 22cm


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