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Beautiful clock, one of the flagship models of the Empire period and therefore highly referenced.
Named in the national archives "The study of astronomy", this clock was the work of the bronzier Jean-André Reiche (1752-1817), attested by a drawing deposited by the Master in 1806 at the Imperial Library.
Very fine specimen in gilded bronze with mercury and sea green marble, representing Urania studying astronomy, aided by a compass, a celestial globe and maps.
The link between astronomy and the measurement of time is perfectly represented, underlined by the stars applied around the dial and by the scene in bas-relief where a cupid peers into the stars.
The enamelled dial is signed "Lamy-Gouge à Paris", a very renowned watchmaker and listed partner of Jean-André Reiche and Claude Galle at the beginning of the 19th century.
The Clock presented is attributed to the latter, you can also see on the last photos a work of chasing and gilding identical to its "false pendant": the Reading Clock signed by Claude Galle.

This model of clock, the "study of astronomy"; is all the more rare because the books, commonly placed on the ground to the left of Urania, are replaced by a burning torchiere attached by a handle.
The only other model referenced with this particularity is in the J.Paul Getty museum and is signed by Claude Galle.

Superb state of preservation with magnificent original gilding.

Movement in perfect condition, revised by an expert watchmaker.

Empire period.

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Beautiful clock signed "the study of astronomy" from the Empire period.


    Height: 14,6 inches
    Width: 12,2 inches
    Depth: 4 inches


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