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Magnificent and colossal plaster bust of the god Ares (Mars) over 85 cm in height.
Sculpture after the Ares Borghese, marble statue from the 2nd century BC, bought by the Emperor Napoleon 1st in 1807 from Prince Camille Borghese and now belonging to the collections of the Louvre museum.

Its imposing size, the details and the delicacy of the carving give this superb piece a bewitching presence in the places where it is placed. Impossible to be in his presence without feeling a certain attraction.
The helmet is adorned with a greyhound and griffins on the sides of the stamp and two greyhounds running on the browband.
Note that on our model, the helmet crest is present (unlike the work in the Louvre, where the latter was lost).
Very rare, not only for its superb design, size, but also for the god represented.

Work from the second half of the 20th century.

Colossal Bust of Ares (Mars) in Plaster 85cm

  • Dimensions

    Height: 85cm

    Width: 60cm

    Depth: 48cm

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