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Elegant console in mahogany and mahogany veneer Consulat period.
The front uprights in the form of sheathed caryatids, completed with their feet.

The quality of the mahogany veneer, the large size and the finesse of the sculpture of the caryatid busts, are to be compared to the consoles made by Bernard Molitor.

Ornaments in gilded bronze, such as the laurel wreaths above the caryatids, the inverted palmettes below them and the centered lozenge of a star, are also widely used by Molitor.

Several similar examples are detailed in Ulrich Leben's book:
"Molitor, cabinetmaker from Louis XVI to Louis XVIII", on pages 99,193,194 and 195.

Very often, in a simplified way, furniture from the end of the 18th century (and particularly the period Consulate) and that of the beginning of the 19th century from the Empire period, are amalgamated_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ into a single large family called Empire. More arbitrarily: what is not Louis XVI is directly tilted in the Empire style.

Here are some clarifications in order to specify the stylistic attributes specific to the Consulate concerning the furniture category of the consoles.
Unlike the Louis XVI console, the Consulate console has:

– a structure similar to a fireplace mantel.

– a rectangular belt.

– pilaster legs at the back.

– very varied forefeet.

– a base with the same dimensions as the top.

The console becomes the most characteristic category of furniture in the interiors of the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. It systematically invites itself into the majority of the rooms in the house (rarely in the bedrooms).

Very good state of conservation, restored by a cabinetmaker, with a varnished finish.

Consulate period, circa 1800.

- Molitor cabinetmaker from Louis XVI to Louis XVIII. Ulrich Leben. Editions d'Art Monelle Hayot.
- Castle Guide Wilhelm Hair, 1933 edition, Huth, 1962, E.Schulz, 1968, Biehn. B. Foucart.
- 18th century French furniture, dictionary of cabinetmakers and carpenters, Pierre Kjellberg, amateur editions.

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Consulate period, beautiful console with caryatids.


    Hauteur  86.5 cm
    Largeur  115.5 cm
    Profondeur  43 cm


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