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Beautiful oil on panel from the end of the 18th century representing "The Judgment of Paris". Key scene of mythology where we find Paris, Eros, Venus, Juno and Minerva (Aphrodite, Hera and Athena).

Having already narrated (in my own way) this episode for oil on canvas by Jacques-Antoine Vallin, present in my gallery, I am telling it to you again.
But first, it is essential to refer to the previous one: "The apple of discord."
I take this opportunity to tell it to you briefly and simply, like a story read to children:
Eris, goddess of discord, was very upset not to have been invited to the wedding of Pelée and Thétis, the parents of Achilles.
You've all had that famous moment when an unwanted "friend" came to your party uninvited. Well Eris is the patron saint of these people!
True to herself and her status, she brought as a gift a magnificent golden apple from the garden of the Hesperides on which was engraved:  
"To the Most Beautiful"
A bit like the only Christmas present under the tree that does not bear the first name of its recipient, creating an infantile war to grant it.
Here the quarrelsome children are the three most beautiful goddesses of the assembly: Juno, Aphrodite and Minerva. 
Without follow-up a divine backfake which had the effect of annoying the Boss, Zeus.
As he could not decide between his wife and his daughters (if you are a man in a women's home, you will easily understand), decreed that the decision would be made by a mortal.
And it is there that we find, in this magnificent oil on canvas by Vallin, our little Paris.
Lying lazily under a tree, the famous golden apple in his hand, looking almost superior to the goddesses standing before him, as if he already knew that the future of history belonged to him._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
In order to influence the "shepherd-prince", each of the goddesses promised him in return an enticing present:
-Juno (Hera), a crown and a gigantic kingdom. 
-Minerva (Athena), warrior glory. 
-Aphrodite (Venus), the unconditional love of the most beautiful woman in the world. 
Paris, having neither the soul of an Agamemnon and even less that of an Achilles, favored love...and therefore Aphrodite. 
A choice which, as you know, will lead to the fall of Troy, as Cassander had predicted to Priam at the birth of Paris.

Beautiful condition, two micro scratches, with a pretty gilded wooden frame, surrounded by a frieze of pearls. 

Late 18th century. 

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Late 18th century, The Judgment of Paris, Oil on panel.


    Height: 13 inches (11,02 inches without frame)
    Width: 15,7 inches ( 13,8 inches without frame)


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