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Today I am offering you a very beautiful set of a rare cabinetmaker, who was with George Jacob and Jean-Baptiste Claude Sené, one of the most popular cabinetmakers of the Louis XVI period.

This trio, in a beautiful state of preservation, is composed of a bergere with medallion back stamped jbBoulard in molded and sculpted beech, marked with a deep sculpture in all the contours of the seats as well as the grooves of the feet. The connecting dice, connecting the end of the armrests and the beginning of the legs, are decorated with a floral motif. The tapered front and rear legs are rudent fluted; and two chairs, also in molded and sculpted beech, with a decoration similar to that of the shepherdess.


Very elegant cotton canvas trim in dawn yellow color, giving the whole an elegance that allows it to be attributed to the living room, bedroom and other dressing rooms.


Once again, as you very kindly comment on my site, my prices are very affordable. I am therefore offering you this set of bergère and chairs, stamped Boulard, at a very attractive price and in a very low expert estimate.


An identical shepherdess, also stamped Boulard, was sold by artenchere on December 3, 2017, lot 219:


A little history on Jean-Baptiste Boulard (1725 - 1789)


Parisian carpenter, Jean-Baptiste Boulard, after obtaining his master's degree in 1754, moved to rue de Cléry and quickly gained, thanks to the quality and originality of his works, a great reputation. Its productions, in the Louis XV style, are numerous: bergères, chairs, caned or fabric-covered armchairs, the whole always made with the greatest care and executed in the most beautiful woods. But, it was especially from 1777 that Jean-Baptiste Boulard became known to all, becoming the King's cabinetmaker for whom he then worked assiduously, essentially in the Louis XVI style without any particular sign except for sculptures by pleated palmette that we often find at the top of the feet of its seats. Apart from the abundant orders from the Garde Meuble, he also worked for a more modest private clientele for whom he created large and comfortable seats, of beautiful proportions, simply decorated with sober sculptures. After his death, his wife will continue to provide for the many requests for the crown until 1792 then those of the imperial court until 1808. It is his son, Michel Jacques, who will succeed him and who will work rue de Cléry until in 1823.



-Chairs and Shepherdess - Louvre Museum

-Bergère N ° MAD151 - Museum of Decorative Arts Lyon

-Chair - Ephrussi de Rothschild Museum

-Chair - Palace of Versailles





-The French Furniture of the XVIIIth Century - Pierre Kjellberg - Les Editions de l'Amateur - 2002

-Eighteenth century cabinetmakers - Count François de Salverte - Editions of Art and History - 1934

-Jean-Baptiste Boulard - Laurent Condamy - Faton - 2008

-JB Boulard. Carpenter in seats - Patricia Lemonnier - L'Estampille. Objet d'art, n ° 239, September 1990, p. 56-61


J. B. BOULARD: Set of 2 chairs and a bergere stamped J.B. Boulard, period

  • Dimensions


    Height: 96cm

    Width: 63cm



    Height: 89cm

    Width: 51cm

  • Delivery

    I manage the delivery for you in France as well as internationally. For delivery outside of Europe, contact me to establish one or more quotes.
    I make sure that particular care is taken for packaging and protection adapted to your purchases.

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