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Magnificent "folding stool" in mahogany and mahogany veneer, taking the form of a decussated cross, also called Saint Andrew's cross (symbolic of identity and belonging,  used by several monarchies, nations, regions, armies or European political forces).

As on the models created by Percier and Fontaine and made mainly by the Jacob dynasty, the crosses are made up of double inverted balusters carved with palmettes. These, joined in their center or at the base of the crosses, by one or two spacers with double pears.

Stamped JACOB D Rue Meslée, association between Georges Jacob and his son François Honoré Georges Jacob Desmalter between 1803 and 1813.

-A series of twenty-four folding doors with double inverted balusters, placed in the great cabinet of the Emperor at the Tuileries in 1807. Stamped Jacob D Rue Meslée_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d
Inventory number GMT-1447-001.
-A series of thirty-six folding doors with double inverted balusters delivered in 1804 for the throne room in the palace of Saint-Cloud (Samoyault: French furniture Consulate and Empire, fig 256).
- A series of eighteen, delivered by Jacob Desmalter, for the third salon of the Empress at the Compiègne Palace (Mobilier français Consulat et Empire, JPSamoyault, fig 304).

This rare folding stool, of large dimensions, is in a superb state of preservation with perfect stability (without reinforcement). Restored with a French polish finish. 

Empire period.

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Jacob D Rue Meslée, extremely rare folding knife stamped from the Empire period.


    Height: 19,3 inches
    Width: 20,9 inches
    Depth: 17,7 inches


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