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Superb Cabinet Armchair, called “hemicycle” armchair, from the Jacob Frères house (1796-1803).
This model, in carved mahogany and mahogany veneer, with its front and rear saber legs, as well as its backrest surmounted by a wide curved band, takes on the appearance of the antique "Klismos" seat.

On this very beautiful model of armchair, the backrest is completed by openwork braces, punctuated at their intersections with pellets with sculpted fleurons.
The front legs end with beautiful leonine legs in their original lacquer, reminiscent of the muffles of the same feline sitting at the bow of the armrests.

This model, directly "plagiarized" from the antique following the discoveries during the excavations of Herculaneum and Pompeii, was designed by the ornamentalists Charles Percier, Pierre-Léonard Fontaine and de la MESANGERE.
Some great Parisian cabinetmakers from the end of the 18th century created their version(s) of the Klismos armchair: Georges Jacob (then his sons), Jean-Baptiste-Claude Sené, Pierre-Benoît Marcion, Bernard Molitor and Jean-Baptiste Bernard Demay .

Superb state of conservation, restoration in cabinetmaking.
Very beautiful Bleu Nuit embossed velvet, from Lelievre.

Stamped JACOB FRÈRES RUE MESLÉE (April 1796 to October 1803)

Period late Directory, Consulate.

Jacob Brothers (1796-1803)
  From "The cabinetmakers of the 18th century by François de Salverte"
After the death of their father, Georges Jacob, his sons Georges and François-Honoré continued the activity together under the name of “Jacob frères”.

Both were born in Paris, the first on May 26, 1768, the other on February 6, 1770.
In the company they ran together until the end of the Consulate, the eldest took care of the commercial administration and the second of the technical part.

The second son called himself Jacob-Desmalter, after a property his father owned in Burgundy. A lover of his profession, very intelligent, very gifted in the arts, he was to acquire among the men of his generation a fame comparable to that of Boulle in the seventeenth century and of Riesener in the eighteenth. Luck served him right from the start. General Bonaparte, on his return from Italy, ordered from the Jacob brothers, for his bedroom in rue Chantereine, some curious military furniture, the bed of which resembled a tent and the seats of drums. These historical documents, given to General Lefèvre-Desnouettes, passed by inheritance to the Count of Harambure, who kept them in his castle of Boran (Oise).
Later, the First Consul called on the same cabinetmakers to refurnish the former royal residences devastated by the Revolution. After having hitherto produced works of very sober taste, which were especially valuable for their character and purity of style, the Jacobs began to manufacture pieces more richly decorated with sculptures and bronzes. Sometimes they also enhanced them with colored wood inlays and porcelain bas-reliefs imitating Wedgwood biscuits. A gold medal was awarded to them at the Exhibition of Year IX, where they had presented in particular two chests of drawers adorned with cameos. They outdid themselves in the following year's competition.
Their shipment included, among other pieces, several tripods in incense burners and a sumptuous carved and gilded wooden console, covered with an Italian mosaic.
These manufacturers used the JACOB FRERES RUE MESLEE mark which they printed on two lines, in tall, spindly letters.
We also find this mark on many cabinets that are part of the State collections, such as the desk built for the First Consul in the shape of a triumphal arch; it is among Joséphine's souvenirs at the Château de la Malmaison.
The eldest of the Jacob brothers died prematurely on 30 Vendémiaire Year XII (October 23, 1803) and François-Honoré formed a new association with his father, under the name of "Jacob Desmalter et Cie", with the stamp Jacob D Rue Meslée._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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This chair is taken on photo in daylight. As a result, you can  appreciate tel qu'il est_cc781905-4358cf58badellement.


Jacob Frères, Cabinet armchair stamped from the Consulate period.


    Height 36,2 inches
    Width 24 inches
    Depth 22 inches


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