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Superb large gueridon in mahogany and mahogany veneer, with central flared patinated barrel resting on a tripod base finished by claws leonines feet, with their original wheels.
The top, consisting of a very beautiful removable marble bowl "gray Sainte Anne".
An identical pedestal table, delivered by Jacob for the Emperor’s bedroom, on the first floor, Fontainebleau Palace ( J.P. Samoyault, Furniture entered under the First Empire at Fontainebleau, page 269).

This type of pedestal, called "to the antique" was considered the favorites of Emperor Napoleon Ist. Throughout his reign, he begged the Garde Meuble to provide it for all his residences. He signed his abdiction in 1814 on a table of similar shape.
Jacob Frères (then Jacob Desmalter) and Pierre Benoît Marcion were the cabinetmakers commissioned by the Garde Meuble to provide this type of pedestal table.

Very nice state of conservation.

Attributed to Jacob Frères (1796-1803)

Consulat period, around 1800

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Jacob Frères (1796-1803)
Based on "François de Salverte’s 18th century cabinetmakers"
After the death of their father, Georges Jacob, his sons Georges and François-Honoré together continued the activity under the name «Jacob frères».

Both were born in Paris, the first on 26 May 1768, the other on 6 February 1770.
In the company they managed together until the end of the Consulate, the elder took care of the commercial administration and the second of the technical part.


The second son was called Jacob-Desmalter, after a property his father owned in Burgundy. Lover of his profession, very intelligent, very gifted for the arts, he would acquire among the men of his generation a reputation comparable to that of Boulle in the seventeenth century and Riesener in the eighteenth. Luck served him from the beginning. On returning from Italy, General Bonaparte ordered the Jacob brothers, for his bedroom on Rue Chantereine, a curious piece of military furniture whose bed simulated a tent and the seats of the drums. These historical pieces, given to General Lefèvre-Desnouettes, passed by inheritance to the Count of Harambure, who kept them in his castle of Boran (Oise).
Later the First Consul called upon the same cabinetmakers to furnish the former royal residences devastated by the Revolution. After producing works of very sober taste, which were mostly worth by the character and purity of the style, the Jacob began to make pieces more richly decorated with sculptures and bronzes. Sometimes they also raised them with colored wooden inlays and porcelain bas-reliefs imitating Wedgwood biscuits. A gold medal was awarded at the Year IX Exhibition, where they presented two chests of drawers with cameos. They outdid themselves in the competition the following year.
Their shipment included among other pieces, several perfume burner tripods and a sumptuous carved and gilded wooden console, covered with an Italian mosaic.
These industrialists used the brand JACOB FRERES RUE MESLEE that they printed on two lines, in high letters and hail.
This brand is also found on many cabinetmakers in the collections of the State such as the office built for the First Consul in the form of a triumphal arch; it is among the memories of Josephine at the castle of Malmaison.

The eldest of the Jacob brothers died prematurely on 30 Vendémiaire year XII October 23rd 1803) and François-Honoré formed a new association with his father, under the name «Jacob Desmalter et Cie», with the stamp Jacob D Rue Meslée.


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Jacob Frères, Guéridon said "to the Antique", Consulat-Empire period.



    Height: 29,5 inches

    Diamètre: 31,5 inches


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