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Very nice pair of "Etruscan" shepherdesses in carved wood in their original beige lacquer, green trim. The reversed roll-up backrest, armrests with cuffs and consoles in the extension of the foot.
The belt carved with a frieze of piastres, connecting dice with flowers.
Tapered and sculpted front legs, saber-shaped hind legs.
This magnificent pair of shepherdesses, stamped JACOB FRÈRES RUE MESLÉE, perfectly expresses the transition from the Directoire and Consulate styles, with a return to the Etruscan.
We find these same characteristics and sculptures on a series of armchairs stamped Jacob frères rue Meslée, kept at the Palace of Fontainebleau. Described and illustrated in Ernest Dumonthier's collection: The seats of Jacob-frères, Mobilier National de France, plate n°21.

Very good state of preservation, with perfect stability  (without reinforcement), they were restored before the installation of the new trim. 
Recent fabric of very good quality in bluish green and pink gold moiré silk, with flower and foliage motifs. Beautiful work of implementation of the upholsterer, with a winding perfectly marrying the Etruscan file. 
Horsehair trim. 
Original lacquer (rare enough to underline it). 

Directoire-Consulate period. 
Stamped Jacob Frères Rue Meslée. 
Circa 1796-1803

A little history. 

The two brothers will exercise this activity from 1796 to 1803, date of the death of Georges II.
Remaining single, Georges II Jacob lived in the family home, rue Meslée. In fragile health, he mainly took care of the administration of the business. It was his brother, François, who was in charge of the technical management of the factory. Their productions will bear the Jacob Frères, Rue Meslée stamp. They still recall by the elegance of their lines and the use of mahogany and different woods, decorated with various inlays, those of the previous period (Guy Ledoux-Lebard). Their new general line puts an end to the severity characterizing the Directoire style and allows a first encounter with the rounded forms of the coming period, that of the harmonious and peaceful Consulate (David Chanteranne).

Joséphine Bonaparte commissioned delicate furniture with new shapes from the Jacob Brothers for her house on rue Chantereine. Shortly after, they furnished Madame Récamier's mansion, rue du Mont Blanc (Chaussée d'Antin), according to the projects of the architect Berthault (see Madame Récamier's furniture, by D. Chanteranne, Revue Napoléon Ier, n° 6, January-February 2001, p.66). Mme Récamier's bed (Musée du Louvre) uses, for the first time, the shape  " boat  » as well as the swans as decoration.
In 1800, the First Consul ordered all the furniture from Malmaison and the Tuileries from them. Among their other clients, we can mention General Moreau, Cambacérès, Gaudin,...

At the Industrial Product Exhibitions of Year IX (September 18, 1801) and Year X (September 22, 1802), installed in the galleries of the Louvre (1), the Jacob brothers were rewarded with a medal of gold :  "Their style is of a greater character, the details of the sculpture are treated with perfection".
When Chaptal visited their factory in March 1803, he discovered many workshops there: carpentry in building, carpentry in furniture, sculpture in figures, sculpture in ornaments, turning, painting and gilding, cabinetmaking, polishing, molding casting, gilding on metals, molding, upholstery and locksmith-mechanics: 322 workers, 11 foremen and 9 apprentices work there.
The furniture design projects, requested from Percier and Fontaine, were carried out by the best artists and craftsmen of the time. All species of wood are used, especially mahogany, ebony and Indian yew.

Georges II Jacob died in Paris on October 23, 1803, aged 35. Georges Jacob returns to "business", joins forces with his son François Honoré, the company changes its name and becomes JACOB D RUE MESLÉE.

As with most of my art objects and furniture, I am very careful to be able to offer them to you at a very low expert estimate.

Jacob Frères Rue Meslée: superb pair of armchairs stamped Directoire period.


    Height: 36,2 inches
    Lenght: 23,6 inches
    Depth: 26,2 inches


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