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Magnificent 18th century porcelain basket from the Sèvres factory dating from 1765. As a reminder of the famous "celestial blue" service from Louis XV.

Interior outline decorated with foliage of golden acanthus leaves, with different very finely executed trellises.

In the center, a graceful floral composition with meticulous details, typical of the Sèvres factory in the second half of the 18th century.

The outer outline is completed with floral garlands, each held by a button of gold.


The famous celestial blue created by Jean Hellot, director of the Academy of Sciences, for King Louis XV twelve years earlier, in 1753, still remains today (with the pink "Pompadour"), the most seductive and sought-after color (but very rare to find) by amateurs and collectors.


The POLYCHROME decoration in Sèvres:


When a series of pieces thus comprising the corresponding colored background was available, the decoration could then be initiated.

The first job of the painters of the factory was to choose the right location for the bouquets and then, using stencils or not, start the decoration. The whole scene was set in all colors, but very discreetly with iron reds and blacks. With all the other colors, the painter tried to give the leaves and flowers as much shape as possible. The piece was dried and then fired.

At this first firing, the whole decor had become pale, flat and graying. It was necessary to "transplant". We added color and as much modeling as possible.

New firing, there the colors took on vividness and began to become shimmering. The piece came back to the painter who applied the iron reds and traced in black, the veins of the leaves and their stems and added color where it was needed. New cooking and according to

result, one proceeded or not to a last transplant. Each of these firing was carried out at decreasing temperatures so as not to compromise the previous work.


The signature of the painter C ..., although it has remained anonymous, is still affixed to pieces with exceptional decorations. A simple enlargement on the photos will make you appreciate the finesse and the quality of the details.


Very rare dish.


18th century period.

18th century Sèvres porcelain basket dish


    18th century period.


    Length: 28 cm

    Width: 20.5 cm

    Height: 4cm


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