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Here is a very elegant pair of sconces with triple sconces in bronze with double patina from the Empire period, rich in high quality carvings, attributed to Claude François Rabiat (1756-1815).

They have two large palms with a large rose window in the center extending by three branches of light. These branches begin with a winding decorated with a flower bud and unfold in acanthus leaves, water leaves and rainçauts. Each arm of light ends in cups with a decoration imitating scales, topped by very finely chiseled fluted bobeches (we recognize one of Rabiat's artistic signatures under the cups. They are formed of a tangle of chisels imitating scales Rabiat's own chisels, with which he embellished many of his bronzes).


A similar pair is kept at the Marmottan Museum in Paris.

Another pair of identical sconces is detailed in the art object stamp: "Rabiat, supplier of the great bronziers and merchants of the Imperial era" by Denise Ledoux-Lebard.

It is also interesting to know that Claude François Rabiat, who obtained his master's degree in 1778 after having been a pupil of Etienne Vignerelle, quickly developed strong commercial links with the greatest imperial bronziers. In particular Pierre Philippe Thomire, Claude Galle and the Feuchère brothers, to whom Claude François Rabiat delivered a large number of furnishing bronzes throughout the period extending from the Directory until the end of the Empire period.

During his entire exercise, his studio resided at 41 rue Beaubourg in Paris.


A missing cup on one of the sconces.


As with most of my art objects and furniture, I am very careful to be able to offer them to you at a very low expert estimate value.


Rabiat Claude François: Pair of Empire period sconces

  • Dimensions

    Height: 25cm

    Width: 22cm

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