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Sometimes, in the course of a life as an art dealer, it happens that chance does things right: indeed, a few months ago I had the great luck to offer a very beautiful pair of wall lights "to winged children ”by Lucien-François Feuchère; and today, it is a magnificent solitary bronze wall light with double brown and golden patina from the workshops of Lucien-François Feuchère and Pierre Philippe Thomire. It is unique and rare. Here is what my research allows me to bring you: this wall lamp is in all respects identical to the model delivered by Lucien-François Feuchère on September 17, 1821 for the Tuileries Palace (see photo) with only one variant: the binet placed at the top of the head of the child arabesque. The braided basket shape, garnished with flowers of this binet orients my peregrinations towards a “known” model of candelabra delivered to the Garde Meuble by Thomire Duterme on June 15, 1818 (see photo) This pair of candelabra will also be available in my gallery from January 2021.

The link between the two workshops is none other than Martin-Eloy Lignereux. Indeed, the illustrious merchant mercier worked in close collaboration with Pierre-Philippe Thomire whom he mandated to bring his collections to life. By small touches, Lucien-François Feuchère was one of the great craftsmen with whom Lignereux surrounded himself. The wall lamp we are talking about is the result of an order from Lignereux to these two bronziers in order to meet the expectations of its prestigious clientele.

A pair of identical sconces is kept at the Marmottan Museum, in the Grand Salon dedicated to the story of Psyche (see photo, right wall).



-l'Heure, le Feu, la Lumière, Marie-France Dupuy-Baylet, Faton editions, p 262, 263

-The Empire style by Paul Marmottan, at F.Comtet art publisher 9 rue de Bagneux. 1925 / 2nd series, plate 12.

Thomire / Feuchère: arabesque wall lamp, late Empire period


    Height: 13,4 inches

    Width: 8,6 inches

    Depth: 7,5 inches


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